The new job

I’ve been in my ‘new’ job for three weeks now. And still enjoying it. To be fair, my general manager has been away on holiday for the past three weeks too, which has made life pretty interesting. Not only that, but the guy I replaced actually got the boot the day before I started – […]

Sincere service

After reading a post on ‘The Other Side of the Mountain‘, I thought I’d also have a little rant about service. But my rant is about how over the top it has become in our industry… I run a pub in London for the biggest managed-pub company in the UK. And we are expected to […]

It's Christmas time at work!

After a long boring day of meetings, I thought I’d relax a little and blog/vent a bit… Yes, in the pub world we’re already discussing Christmas! Not only that, but our deadline for ordering crackers (or ‘bon-bons’ as the Aussies call them!??!) and decorations from our supplier is NEXT WEEK FRIDAY!! WTF??! It’s September for […]

Carnival time!

It’s that time of the year again when Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove shut down and everybody parties – including me! Don’t get me wrong, I will be working during the Carnival period, but I will still be enjoying the occasional beer and the fab atmosphere that goes with it. If you have never been, […]

I'm back…

Hi all, After a VERY long week, I’ve finally found 5 minutes to scribble down some thoughts. But before I do, congrats once again to the Boks for their victory over the Aussies! I was devastated last weekend when I had to go 3 days without internet due to problems with my broadband connection. I […]

The old stuff