New job

OK, so I’ve made it through the first week of the new job. And I’ve survived! Not knowing anything about Australian schools/Uni/TAFE wasn’t so bad after all. The first two days were orientation and induction including an OHS course online. After that, it was all about meetings! I’ve travelled to 3 (out of 5) campuses […]

Outta here!

I finally did it! I quit my job last week! I’ve been “not enjoying” my job for a while now. I battle to get myself motivated, live for my weekends, hate the 3 hours per day of commuting. So I started to look at job sites, newspapers, etc but nothing serious. Then, about 3 weeks […]

This week in the office

Are people still suffering from the Christmas holiday hangover? Or are they just plain thick? Do they not possess common sense? I’ll give you some examples: I was having a conversation with a client and I said “today is my daughter’s first birthday”. The customer’s response: “Oh really, how old is she today?” Not once […]

White Van Man

Melbourne (and my job) are turning me into that proverbial white-van-man. You know, they guys who cut you off in traffic, make U-turns whenever they like and double park ‘cos they can? Well, that’s me. When I’m in a work vehicle, it’s either a white van with the company name on the side or a […]