I'm back…

Hi all,

After a VERY long week, I’ve finally found 5 minutes to scribble down some thoughts.

But before I do, congrats once again to the Boks for their victory over the Aussies!

I was devastated last weekend when I had to go 3 days without internet due to problems with my broadband connection. I started getting withdrawl symptoms from not being able to check email, do my banking, update my fantasy rugby side, but most importantly, I could not read my favourite blogs! What a sad little world I live in…

When I finally sorted out my problem (it was actually my router that was acting up!), I went away for work for 2 days. I say work, but I must admit that we went to visit a brewery (Adnams for those in the know) on the east coast in a small village called Southwold. In two days, we managed a one hour meeting! The rest was all pleasure, and it was paid for by the brewery. This included a fresh fish lunch, a night in a 5 star hotel, a 3 course dinner, a full English breakfast the next day, a high-speed boat ride and ALL BOOZE!

Unfortunately I had to take it easy ‘cos I had to drive everyone home on the second day, but I still managed to drink until around 1am before hitting the sack.

Tower Bridge
The London Eye

On Thursday I went for a boat cruise down the river Thames from Westminster to Greenwich with my other half and her cousin. It was quite cool seeing the sites from a different perspective. It was a good day out with lunch in a waterside pub after which we went to see the Greenwich Mean Line and stepped over from East to West and back again!

After our river trip, we went to the Theatre Royal in the Haymarket to see A Few Good Men. It starred Rob Lowe (old brat pack boy who has finally grown up) and Reece (of Home and Away fame) but I wouldn’t say that it was the best show that I had ever seen. The show was good, as was the stage and the settings and props, but the acting was pretty average with Lowe even managing to mess up some of his lines!

All in all a good day out and a long week!

Chat soon,

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10 thoughts on “I'm back…


    (22 August 2005 - 18:50)

    I wondered where u’d got to – welcome back!
    Wow, Rob Lowe huh? I was soooo in love with him in “St Elmo’s Fire” all those many, many moons ago. Although he never was known for his outstanding acting skills.


    (23 August 2005 - 10:41)

    Only one hour of work in two days? Man, I need me a job like that!

    Ben O.

    (23 August 2005 - 19:08)

    Did you say “Rob Lowe” and live stage acting in the same sentence?

    That would be worth the price of admission simply for the wow-factor it would almost certainly provide.

    Thanks for cheering me up –

    Ben O.



    (24 August 2005 - 08:03)

    Welcome back, Del.
    Man, do I envy your job? I can totally see myself doing things like visiting a brewery, boozing it up and throwing in a one hor meeting just to make it official.


    (24 August 2005 - 17:13)

    Guys, it’s not all fun you know! Take this weekend for example: On Saturday I’ll have to get up early so that I can watch the rugby. Then I’ll probably work until midnight, forcing myself to have a few drinks with my regular customers. After work we’ll get ready for Sunday while having a few more drinks with the staff. On Sunday and Monday I will have to work AT LEAST 8 hours while ‘forcing’ myself to enjoy the Notting Hill Carnival with 1.5 million other people!

    Of course there will be the obligatory staff party on Sunday night once we’ve finished clearing up!

    And to top it all, I have to find time to pack because I go away on holiday on Tuesday after Carnival.

    Sorry. 😉


    (25 August 2005 - 11:55)

    such a hard life, hey delboy…. 😉

    How u guys?



    (25 August 2005 - 12:44)

    Ja, my heart bleeds for you, Cuz. Just for that I’m gonna make u work extra hard by bringing my nutty friends to your pub this weekend, haha!


    (25 August 2005 - 13:45)

    If we can get Terri and Co. mobile this weekend we might just wreck your whole nice and easy style by crashing the Pub and making you actually work for a bit 🙂


    (25 August 2005 - 14:30)

    The big game awaits on Saturday – ALL welcome! And as for Carnival… it’s already started for some of us! Just make sure you leave the Irish weather in Dublin!

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