Mt Buller

Some of you may know that I have taken a job in Mt Buller for the winter ski season. Everyone was a little nervous on opening weekend (Queen’s Birthday long weekend – 8-10 June) when there was still no sign of snow. Little did we know that a HUGE dump of snow was on the […]

New week, new job

I started my ‘new’ job today. Well, officially I started at the end of October, but as I kept getting passed tasks in my old job, I finally moved across today. Tomorrow I have some things to finish up as part of my old position again. I haven’t left the Uni, just taken up a […]

Caution: Man at work

Isn’t it funny how men have to put up warning signs when they do work but women just get on with it? This week has been a bit crazy for me! I started a new job on Monday. Well, a new job role – Short Course Manager for our school. But, as is always the […]

Breaking news!

Not really, but it’s a catchy title. . They past two weeks since getting back to work have been manic to say the least – everybody seems to want everything done yesterday. Budgets, staff listings, marketing, awards, everyone! . I’ve been working mainly on budgets. Our financial year runs January to December, but they still […]