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Riding Mt Buller’s mountain biking trails

I challenge anyone who believes that they are relatively mountain biking fit to attempt to ride trails at 1600m altitude. Trust me, it burns! I was doing some work up at Mt Buller again a few weeks ago, so decided to take my mountain bike up with me. I had […]

Getting fit

Like most people, a new year brings some sort of fitness resolution. Mine is to get fit enough to play a good, injury free season of rugby this year. I’ve started watching my calorie intake and running more. I’m also waiting to get my mountain bike back from a full […]

Mt Buller 2014

A short video of my winter season working, skiing and snowboarding in Mt Buller, Australia. Mt Buller 2014 from Del on Vimeo.   1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

Mt Buller

Some of you may know that I have taken a job in Mt Buller for the winter ski season. Everyone was a little nervous on opening weekend (Queen’s Birthday long weekend – 8-10 June) when there was still no sign of snow. Little did we know that a HUGE dump […]

South African Dictionary

After watching a few videos recently on Facebook (Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” in Cape Town and Trevor Noah’s Airports), I realised how much we South Africans have defined our own version of the Queen’s English. So, in the spirit of a previous post about ‘Legendary Afrikaans words‘ (which are used across the […]

Bulk priming beer

I’m getting back into the home brew thing again and I get really frustrated with adding the carbonation sugar drops to each bottle, so I started doing some research into bulk priming. The main advantage of bulk priming is (besides only putting sugar in once) the consistency across bottles and […]

Camping and hiking the Cathedral Range

Over the March Labour Day weekend, we decided to go bush camping up in the Cathedral Ranges with some school friends of ours. We had fantastic weather and the camping and hiking was fabulous. The kids had a great time and we were even lucky enough to have a kangaroo […]

Beer brewing software

Unfortunately my home brewing has taken a bit of a back seat since my wife started working at a brewery and we get free beer. However, I have started getting the urge for a good, strong dark ale so I have started to dust off my equipment again. I do […]

10 Things every mountain biker should have done

This is a great list of things that mountain bikers should challenge themselves to do. I’ve managed 5/10 (six if you count riding on ice as riding in snow). Looks like I’ll have to cross a mountain range and ride to the sea after a night sleeping next to my […]

A Day at the Water Park

While on holiday down at Indented Head, we decided to take the kids to the local Adventure Park for the day. These are some of the highlights of the day. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike