Extreme gamer

Anyone out there who is a little geeky or loves playing games will enjoy this. . The guy has mounted a battery pack on his back along with a PS3 and an Epson Projector on his chest. He then goes around London, projecting the game onto walls, roofs and the ground and plays… . Check […]

West Ham Whoopie

I can’t resist posting a link to this! Absolutely hilarious! Passengers waiting for a train at West Ham London Underground station on Thursday heard some sounds that had little to do with “Mind the Gap”. Somehow the noises of a couple having sex got broadcast through the tannoy system onto the platform. TfL are looking […]

I'm back…

Hi all, After a VERY long week, I’ve finally found 5 minutes to scribble down some thoughts. But before I do, congrats once again to the Boks for their victory over the Aussies! I was devastated last weekend when I had to go 3 days without internet due to problems with my broadband connection. I […]