Afrika by Inge Haupt

I love Africa. I was born there, I grew up there. I would move there tomorrow if I knew that my children had a future in the country of my birth, South Africa. But I don’t see it for them. This poem always reminds me of what I grew up with and what my kids […]


According to studies, two of the most stressful things that you will ever do in your life are change jobs and buy/sell a home. I managed to do both last week! Today is my 4th day in the new job and I have already worked 32 hours this week! The joys of being back in […]

10 years on… 9/11

I remember the day. I was managing a pub in Buckinghamshire in the UK called “The Stag”. My folks were visiting from South Africa and we were about to sit down for some lunch when my mobile phone beeped. It was a message from my brother back in South Africa. “Turn on your TV”, it […]