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I took up shooting the bow early July 2019. It was a steep learning curve initially, but things are slowly getting easier. I have joined a local archery club and try to shoot regularly. My groupings are OK out to 40 yards, so I’m ready to move onto the next step.

The next step for me is bow hunting. I have most of the shooting gear (need to upgrade to a drop down rest), but still need to work on some of the other gear especially clothing. I also have most of the camping gear as I go camping and fishing on a regular basis.

Below is a link to a gear list that I found online at – it’s a very comprehensive list that was written way back in 2016, so I have updated it to suit my needs. The original list was also in ounces, so I have updated it to metric for use in Australia. The linked list contains a most of the original gear listed in the GoHunt article. I have also added a hunt plan tab that you can complete and print off to leave with a trusted person when you head off into the bush. Just in case you don’t come back again. The list is for an 8 night/9 day deer hunting trip.

Download the bow hunting gear list excel spreadsheet here:

Bow Hunting Pack Gear list 

The list is broken down into the various categories – sleeping, clothing, cooking, food, etc – with a weight and cost breakdown per item. At the top of the list, there are totals for all the gear and if you are really geeky, you can look at the pie charts to see the weight ratios of the various items/categories.

Down the left hand side of the list, I have a column with the heading ‘OK’. This is a blank column so that you can tick off the items as you load them into your pack.

The list is editable, so go for your life. You can include the weight and the cost if you want or you can just ignore it. The hunting gear list will also print across 2 pages if you prefer a paper copy.

Let me know if there are any adjustments that you think I should make to the list.

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    (28 September 2021 - 09:16)

    Hunting bow is the most reliable hunting gear in wild <3

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