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I’ve been fiddling again. I was visiting a friend’s blog and noticed that she uses this great little plug-in to post her recipes to her WordPress powered site. It made me wonder if I could use the plug-in for my beer recipes, so I downloaded and installed it.

It worked until I realised that it was asking me for details such as saturated fats, unsaturated fats, sugar and carbohydrates. It also had little chef’s hat icons everywhere. “Time to fiddle with the code”, I thought!

So, after 3 days of code adjusting and fiddling, here it is. It has it’s little quirks still, but I don’t know enough about WP plug-ins to make the changes (any help welcome!). For example, it installs a menu item under ‘Tools’ which I have tried to delete. This was the error reporting tool to the original developer. I have managed to delete the page but not the menu item. My changes are superficial only!

You can see the plug-in in action here or read more about using it on the original plug-in site.

Download here: EasyBrew plug-in (Note: You can’t use this plugin and the original together as they install into the same folder. Sorry!)

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2 thoughts on “Easy Brew WP recipe plug-in

    ginger and scotch

    (15 June 2011 - 18:26)

    I am trying to use this plugin as well and I like the way you have the ingredients and instruction indented. Where do I add that to the CSS code?

    thanks in advance!

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