Google Zeitgeist 2010

It’s back – Google’s latest Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist is the aggregation of all Google searches for 2010. This year they have also mapped it. This year’s fastest climbers were: chatroulette ipad justin bieber In Australia, things were slightly different. The top 3 most searched for were facebook youtube google The fastest rising people searches were: […]

South African humour

The best South African laugh for a while: We forgot the handbrake a few weeks ago, and our car rolled a few hundred metres across a parking lot and into a new BMW. The damages were HIGH. Our insurance company sent us a package with the note “Dear Mr. Collie, The perfect ABS braking system. […]

Top place to live

Damn work has been keeping me away from the blogging stuff… . Anyway, I just discovered an interesting poll run by HSBC bank of the top places in the world for expats to live in. Canada came in first, Australia second and Thailand third. But, the surprise (not for some) is South Africa sneaking in […]