Rugby blues

Need I even mention it? ANOTHER loss… . Why is it that every time we lose, the fans go straight for the jugular – the ref’s? . Grow up guys! The Boks are playing crap rugby and need to pull their fingers out. Yes, it’s ‘only’ Italy this week, but it’s Mallett! Did you see […]

Rugby Revenge

It was worth every minute! I had predicted a 10 point win. I sat up with cold pizza and warm Milo until 3.30am on Sunday morning watching the Boks beat the All Blacks! It was a bit of revenge for the 19-0 drubbing handed to us at Newlands last year. I didn’t think that the […]

The important things in life!

When we ran onto the pitch for rugby training last night, it was soggy and squishy underfoot. The temperature was a chilly 3C and I was happy that I’d worn a few layers to keep me warm. I ran in three quick tries before getting tackled into the freezing cold mud. I was NOT a […]

The weekend

No rugby was played last weekend (by us or the Boks, but we won’t even go into that!), so I had to find other ways to entertain my family. Saturday was pretty tough as it poured with rain most of the day! Josh and I ‘worked’ in the garage while the girls slept and we […]