Bloody battles and one-eyed match officials

Another win by the Boks this weekend (making it 2-0 to the World Champs versus the Lions) was marred by an ugly eye gouging incident by Schalla. Seriously, what the hell was he thinking? OK, so in the replay it looks like the Lions’ winger was pulling his hair, but EYE GOUGING!? In his 50th match for his country!

And another thing: why were two Boks reported to the match review panel but nothing was done about Sheridan throwing a punch to the goolies of Andries Bekker or the high tackles made by the Lions on the Boks? We won’t even mention the two tackles in the air, one of which cost them the match! How can the match officials be so blatantly one-sided?

On a brighter note, the Misfits won again this weekend. We played against Boxhill, winning 24-12. I didn’t score a try this weekend, probably because I was playing at full back for the first time ever in my life! I had no idea of positional play, but had a couple of good runs and even put an up-and-under over the defense. It bounced badly for us and nothing came of it.

Lastly, congrats to the Bombers for beating the more fancied Blues AGAIN! I can’t wait to go to dinner with my in-laws tomorrow night (my father-in-law is a Carlton Blues supporter!)

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