White line fever

Like most men, I could never give up my favourite sport, no matter what my age. That said… I’ve been going to rugby practise for the past 3 weeks now. Just a bit of a run with some new friends, playing touch, having a laugh – it is Vets rugby after all. After an hour […]


No, not me. Although I had a pretty rough weekend too! We had some friends down from Sydney at the weekend and took a drive up to Healesville on Saturday. We went via Yea (pronounced “Yay”) and caught a glimpse of the devastation that the fires had caused. Still lots of burnt out cars and […]

Victoria burns – update

It seems that the fires are finally under control although strong winds still threaten to fan the embers and start it all over again. For a real time map of where the fires are, try this link: http://mapvisage.appspot.com/fires/FireMap.html For some more photos and news of the bush fires: http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/bushfires/