White line fever

Like most men, I could never give up my favourite sport, no matter what my age. That said…

I’ve been going to rugby practise for the past 3 weeks now. Just a bit of a run with some new friends, playing touch, having a laugh – it is Vets rugby after all. After an hour on the field, there is usually an hour in the bar afterwards. Last week it was not only beer after ‘training’, but pies and sausage rolls too! And then our fixtures were announced. With the first game on May 2nd.

We arrived at the local meeting place and cracked open the first beer at midday (our game was to kick-off at 2pm). I had one and then passed on rounds two, three and four. We arrived at the playing field at 1pm, got changed, (more beer was consumed but without me) and by 1.30pm we were warming up. I started on the bench, but within 5 minutes I had taken to the field. Twenty minutes later I was back on the bench with a torn hamstring.

I’d had a few good runs, was just starting to read the game nicely, had figured out their weak spots. Eventually the ball came to me (on the right wing) with only three players and 50m between me and the try-line. I took off, side-stepped the first player, handed off the second and was heading for the third. 25m to go, I got ready to dump their wing (and the last player between me and my 15 minutes of fame) when… pop! I fealt it go. No support, just the ball and a tackler closing fast. I mustered my last bit of strength and booted the ball… straight into my opposite number, and went down.

At my age and fitness level, probably 4 -6 weeks of rest. I’ll be at training on Thursday night though, albeit in the bar!

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4 thoughts on “White line fever


    (1 January 1970 - 11:00)


    (16 May 2009 - 05:34)

    See what happens when you drink beer before excessive exercise. You should rather have a cup of tea.


    (12 June 2009 - 01:41)

    for a second there I thought you were talking about the London da

    Chris Anderson

    (12 June 2009 - 20:41)

    for a second there I thought you were talking about the London days….

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