No, not me. Although I had a pretty rough weekend too!

We had some friends down from Sydney at the weekend and took a drive up to Healesville on Saturday. We went via Yea (pronounced “Yay”) and caught a glimpse of the devastation that the fires had caused. Still lots of burnt out cars and sheds around, but most of it has been reduced to rubble by now. What did amaze me though was how many houses were untouched by the blaze! And the fact that there was so much green about already. The little bit of rain that we’ve had over the past two weeks has revitalised the grasses and ferns and you have this surreal landscape of black earth and burnt trees with spurts of green appearing everywhere on the ground and sometimes even in the trees.

To brighten our day, we thought we’d stop at our local micro-brewery for a quick taster only to discover that it was packed. We forgot that it was a public holiday! So, no beer but we went for a curry instead!

Bushfire aftermath
Bushfire aftermath

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