Afrika by Inge Haupt

I love Africa. I was born there, I grew up there. I would move there tomorrow if I knew that my children had a future in the country of my birth, South Africa. But I don’t see it for them. This poem always reminds me of what I grew up with and what my kids […]

Lying in bed, thinking…

I was lying in bed last night counting sheep and listening to my daughter cough up a lung when I realised how quickly the last 15 years have passed me by. It feels like only yesterday I was impressing customers with my cocktail flaring skills from behind the bar on the beautiful island of Santorini […]


I’m so proud of my son. He may only be half African (having an Aussie mum), but yesterday he took his first “boskak”*! It may not sound like much to you South Africans that read this blog, but for those from Europe, North America and even Australia, it’s a big deal for me. When we […]