Ricketts Point – 2 November 2013

After an early (5am) start last Saturday, we were out on the water by 7.30am, enjoying the sunrise and magnificently calm conditions. We paddled directly out in front of the the Tea House and about 30m out of the marine reserve, we anchored up.

About 15 minutes later, a red Hobie paddled past me. “How’s the bite?” he asked. “Nothing so far,” I replied. Then, BANG! I was on!

I grabbed my rod out of the holder but within 30 seconds, the fish was off into the depths. I’m not sure whether I pulled the hook or if the fish spat it, bit it was gone. Within 2 minutes, I went through the whole scene again – fish on, reel, reel, reel, gone!

Five minutes later I was on again! And this time I managed to bring the snapper up onto the kayak. It didn’t put up much of a fight, so when it only measured 32cm, I wasn’t surprised. It would be enough for me for dinner, so it went into the bag. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo first!)

Ten minutes later I was on again, but once again I lost the fish. I wasn’t happy at all! But at least I was onto the fish. Around me I could count 12 kayaks and probably 6 boats, none of them having any luck!

But that was the last bite of the day. By 10am my 2 fishing companions were bored and decided to find another spot to fish. I stuck it out for another 2 hours, with no luck.

Despite the lack of fish, it was a magnificent day on the water.

I have also decided to swop out the size 1/0 suicide hooks for size 3/0 circles – hopefully this will hang onto the fish next time!

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