SuperRugby – Rebels v Sharks

And so my birthday weekend began. With a trip to see my old Super Rugby team (The Sharks) take on my new (second) team. And what a game it was! The crowd/atmosphere was awesome. The Rebels fans were loud and proud and when Cooper Vuna went over for the home side’s first try, I thought the stadium was going to come down around us!

The Rebels dominated the first half, with the Sharks conceding 25 points in this period. Their strong defense gave away their first try of the season. But the Sharks have been around the block a few times and they managed to stage a magnificent comeback in the second half to win the game by 2 points!

This time I managed to sneak my tele lens into the game and got some great shots. But I also missed some great shots (like Cipriani’s try right in front of me!!) because of all the excitement!

[flickr style=”padding: 10px;”]tag:superrugby+sharks@delboy1203(thumb)[/flickr]

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