World Festival of Rugby

In less than 5 days time we’ll be in Sydney for the Golden Oldies World Festival of Rugby. There are around 200 sides from around the world registered to play. The Misfits are taking a team and their WAGS along for a week of rugby and fun (hopefully in the sun)!

The week includes a Parade of Nations, two formal dinners, a river cruise, 3 days of rugby and a day out in the Hunter Valley. We will be staying in a nice hotel near Wynyard station in the CBD.

We find out on Sunday who our opposition will be in the various games but, as they say in the classics, “It’s not about winning but how you play the game”. Apparently…

Last Saturday we played some touch rugby as a warm-up and after the game we had our kits handed out to us. We also had a BBQ and a few beers to round off the afternoon.

Let the countdown begin…

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