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For Father’s Day this year, we decided to do something different so we rented a house on Phillip Island. Little did we know that a weekend of storms were forecasted for Victoria!

Most of the weekend was spent indoors enjoying the fireplace, watching rugby (shock-horror!), drinking homebrew and reading. The sun broke through for a few hours on Saturday and I went fishing with my brother-in-law for a few hours in the morning and went for a short walk to find a local geocache in the afternoon. Saturday night we had dinner at the local RSL (pub). Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day but the wind was howling so no fishing got done. I did get a delicious cooked breakfast and presents from the kids, which made up for the lack of fish caught over the weekend!

Below are some photos from the weekend:

[nggallery id=12]

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5 thoughts on “Phillip Island weekend

    Joanna Kufel

    (6 September 2010 - 03:06)

    I think that is all Brad's fault!!! He just brought the Irish weather to Aus with him. hehehe

    Delwynne Fife

    (6 September 2010 - 07:39)

    @Laska: I agree. First floods in 17 years of drought!


    (7 September 2010 - 13:49)

    Could’ve been worse. You could’ve gone to Christchurch.


    (7 September 2010 - 17:14)

    What a great excuse to laze by a fire! Enjoyed the photos, especially those of the New Holland Honeyeater.


    (8 September 2010 - 09:57)

    @Terri: This is true!
    @Jaffnut: I was wondering what it was. There was an bird id board up, but this one didn’t appear on it.

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