The Toad King

Well Dazzler, it’s been 12 months since you left us and I still think about you almost every day mate. I wish that you could have seen what the past 12 months have brought for us – the ecstasy of seeing the Boks win another world cup and the suffering that COVID-19 has brought on the world. Talk about ups and downs!

Every time I hear ‘I’m gonna be’ or “Buck Rogers” on the radio, I think of you. Every time I see bluebells in flower, I think of the times we visited your gran and uncle at the cottage in Wiltshire. I can still hear your voice saying “Chicks are pigs”, Top dog” and “I am the King”. I still wish that you had reached out and asked someone for help, but you were always staunchly independent in everything that you put your mind to. You were a legend mate and I really miss you. Happy belated birthday!

Sometimes you meet someone and you just click and the friendship grows from there. Darrell was one of those guys – a wee bit eccentric, but a genuine guy who would do anything for a friend. We didn’t see each other and spoke very little because he lived in London and we live in Melbourne, but the friendship was always there. RIP my friend.

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