Ugly Duckling Honey Chocolate Porter

So I finally bottled my honey chocolate porter last night. I was hoping to do it last Friday, but the specific gravity was still moving so I decided to wait. After two consecutive days with the same reading, it was all systems go!

I set myself up in the kitchen with my new long neck glass bottles, my priming sugar and my capper. About an hour later I was done with only one minor incident. About a dozen bottles in, the blue tip that controls the flow of beer into the bottles came of the end of the little bottler (the tube from the tap into the bottle). The bottle filled up really quickly and overflowed before I could turn the tap off. Fortunately I had a 5 litre bucket underneath else it would have gone all over the kitchen floor!

It also meant pouring the beer out of the bottle into another (I wasn’t going to waste my brew) just to get the blue flow controller out. Very time consuming.

I now have 24 bottles of Ugly Duckling* Porter primed and stored at around 20 C. The alcohol calculation tells me that the beer is around 7.3%ABV, but I’ll have to test/taste that to confirm!

Recipe here: Ugly Duckling Porter

*I decided to name the brew Ugly Duckling because of it’s current colour. I’m sure that once it has finished fermenting, it will be as beautiful as a swan!

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