Rugby commentators in Australia

OK, I live here and I should probably stop complaining, but I feel the need to vent my frustration. Aussie rugby commentators are, well, crap!

Not only are (were!) they biased towards the Wallabies, but you think that they would learn to pronounce the players’ names before the game. Or at least write them down phonetically to help themselves. You could easily write Skulk for Schalk Burger, but instead Schalk becomes Shelk, Jaques Fourie becomes Jack Foori, Danie Rossouw becomes Danny Russo, Steyn becomes Steeeen, Botha becomes Booter and Smit and Smith get mixed up!

And I sometimes wonder if these guys are even rugby fans when they call England the Lions!? Come on Channel Ten, spend some money on decent commentary!

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PS: How did the All Blacks reduce their carbon footprint after their trip to Europe? They dropped the Wallabies off on the way home!

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3 thoughts on “Rugby commentators in Australia


    (13 October 2007 - 16:09)

    It can’t have been worse than some of the crap they’ve been speaking on Setanta sports… sometimes I wonder if they’re watching the same game I am. And SERIOUSLY biased against the Springboks too!

    The Divine Miss M

    (15 October 2007 - 11:12)

    Hey I’m not fussed as long as we keep winning. Showing my face to work next Monday will NOT be fun if England beats us 🙁


    (28 August 2011 - 07:59)

    It seems that Australian commentators are not truely interested in calling a neutral game. On watching the All Blacks v Wallabies last night it was clear from the start where the commentators were from. Ali Williams appeared to trip a Wallaby player and the commentators were quick to label him a dirty cheat. Then as Quaid Cooper gave Richie McCaw a kick in the head the commentators were almost praising his brazen methods. Phil Kearnes is the worst commentator in world sport! Start Commentating and stop cheering,

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