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On this day in 1964: Elijah Muhammad renames Cassius Clay as Muhammad Ali

Well, after 18 months of blogging I’ve finally got my 100th post. And to celebrate, I thought that I would publish my list of 100 things about me in no particular order. Profound, I know…

1 – I was born in South Africa.
2 – I live in London.
3 – My favourite colour is blue; most shades.
4 – My ‘lucky’ number is 3.
5 – I have 3 pet frogs.
6 – I am divorced (well, soon to be anyway).
7 – I have an 8 year old son, Nic, who I love to bits.
8 – I have another child on the way.
9 – I run a pub in Notting Hill near Portobello Market and the infamous blue door.
10 – My hobbies include mountain biking, HTML and photography.
11 – I love to travel and have visited 13% of the world’s countries (29 different countries).
12 – I have an Italian passport.
13 – I have lived in the UK, South Africa, Italy, Israel and Greece, but not in that order.
14 – I plan to settle in Western Australia someday soon.
15 – I once worked as a commercial fisherman on a 100ton tuna boat in the South Atlantic for 2 months.
16 – I worked in Greece (Santorini) for 6 months as a cocktail barman.
17 – I love drinking coffee.
18 – My favourite fruit is the banana.
19 – I love banana milkshakes.
20 – I love playing and watching rugby.
21 – I once won a trophy for “Best Forward” at a rugby tournament when I was 16 years old.
22 – I won provincial colours for athletics over 100m, 200m and 400m.
23 – I also won an athletics scholarship to study at the University of Stellenbosch.
24 – I studied Bachelor of Science with majors in Applied Maths and Computer Science for 2 years and hated it.
25 – Snowboarding is one of my favourite but least practised sports.
26 – I scuba dive whenever I get the chance and have dived in the Red Sea, Maldives, Croatia, Comores and South Africa.
27 – I hate brushing my teeth.
28 – When I shower, I ALWAYS do it in the following order: get in, turn on water, wash hair, wash face, wash rest of my body.
29 – I don’t smoke, have never tried it and hate the the smell.
30 – I once won an all-inclusive ski holiday to Meribel in the 3 Valleys, French Alps.
31 – I love eating biltong (like beef jerky, but better).
32 – My perfect Saturday afternoon: a braai and a couple of Castles with your buddies while watching rugby.
33 – Some of my favourite movies: Big Blue, Reservoir Dogs, Matrix, Moulin Rouge.
34 – I don’t like country music.
35 – I would love to sky-dive.
36 – I have bungy jumped off a bridge 250ft/75m above a river.
37 – I can’t skate or rollerblade and can barely get by on ice skates.
38 – I love the ocean and living in London makes me really miss it.
39 – I love the sun even though I have fair skin – definitely NOT a winter person.
40 – My first car was a VW Golf.
50 – I have 2 tatoos.
51 – My best friend is an engineer on a ship and we’ve seen each other once in 9 years.
52 – I love lying in bed all day and watching a DVD when it’s raining/snowing/sleeting outside.
53 – I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
54 – Favourite bands/singers include: James Blunt, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Snow Patrol, Smashing Pumpkins.
55 – I support the Sharks in rugby.
56 – I have never sung at karaoke.
57 – My favourite foods include pizza, pastas, steak, moussaka.
58 – I love Starbucks.
59 – I love to laugh out loud.
60 – I love animals, especially dogs.
61 – I kissed my first girlfriend when I was 8 years old, Samantha.
62 – I can’t play any musical instruments.
63 – I’d like to learn to play the guitar.
64 – I speak 3 languages fluently – English, Afrikaans & Italian.
65 – I once took part in a theatre production – “Grease”.
66 – I love to cook.
67 – I have never broken a bone in my body.
68 – I have had stiches twice.
69 – I have had concussion once.
70 – I have a pierced ear but no longer wear an earring.
71 – The year I was born.
72 – I’m a Pisces.
73 – I love Deb!
74 – I enjoy hunting. Not so much the kill as the experience.
75 – I love white chocolate.
76 – I don’t do drugs.
77 – I’m allergic to bee stings.
78 – My nickname is Delboy.
79 – My real name is Delwynne. It’s Welsh and means “fair one”.
80 – I don’t wear or need glasses.
81 – I completed the Cape Argus Cycle Tour (110km) in 1993 with no training whatsoever.
82 – I couldn’t walk for 4 days after.
83 – I have 2 younger brothers.
84 – I have no facial hair.
85 – I’m scared of heights.
86 – I have a great sense of humour.
87 – I never remember jokes!
88 – I love reading: newspapers, books & magazines
89 – I love gadgets.
90 – I love taking photos and own 3 cameras.
91 – One of my hobbies is video-making (as in filming and editing)
92 – I once won an award for “People Developer of the Year” as a training manager for my company. I was given a nice trophy and an expensive bottle of Mumm Champagne!
93 – I once lived on a beach in Israel for 3 weeks, sleeping in a life guard hut by night and working in a restaurant by day. (I used to wash in the restaurant every morning!)
94 – One of my favourite holidays was a visit to Etosha Game Park in Namibia with friends while I was at university.
95 – I love flying.
96 – I’ll eat anything except brussel sprouts.
97 – I have eaten ostrich, crocodile, giraffe, kangaroo, gemsbok, shark and emu.
98 – My pub was runner-up in “Time Out” Magazine’s London Pub of the Year 2004
99 – I want to live to be this old!
100 – Number of posts I have written on this blog since September 2004!

There you have it!

Chat soon,

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6 thoughts on “My century


    (6 March 2006 - 20:27)

    Awesome list; phew! Where do I begin?

    Tattoos? Dare I ask where? 😉
    The brussel sprouts thing must be genetic – I hate them too and won’t have them in my house.
    A fear of heights – and you’d like to skydive? How does that work?

    BTW… I posted my 100th on friday, how weird is that?!

    Oh, and one more thing.
    Western Australia… soon?


    (7 March 2006 - 13:23)

    Hey Del

    Good list, damn that must have taken some thinking/memory…..
    I am with you on the Western Aus thing !! I would LOVE to live their next ! I doubt I will make the 100th blog anytime soon… Too damn lazy 🙂 Im going to check out your picture gallery now…. c ya…..


    (8 March 2006 - 07:39)

    Hey, well done! 3 frogs, 3 cameras – coincidence?


    (8 March 2006 - 18:28)

    Terri: Shoulder blade and upper arm! Sprouts – blech!! Only 1 way to get over fears – confront them! Western Australia – another 2 years in the UK at least!
    Bosbefok: It took DAYS to think about! Keep going on the blog. Yo’ll be surprised how quickly you can get to 100!
    KN: Just coincidence. I used to have 4 frogs, but 1 drowned!!


    (10 March 2006 - 08:36)

    A lot of these will be on my list too if I have to do one. I however love Sprouts!!! Where you have Western Australia, I have New Zealand. Miss my friend way too much. Pet frogs? The Sharks? We can’t all be perfect can we? hehehehe – just kidding. Loved your list Del. Know you a little better now.


    (12 March 2006 - 15:56)

    Happy Birthday Cuz!!!!!

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