Our home has been listed!

Our house is officially on the market now! It got listed on RealEstate.com .au and Domain.com.au last night.

We weren’t too happy about the listing that the ‘professional’ copy writer did, so I wrote my own and hopefully the agent can get it changed. She talks about a ‘courtyard’ which we don’t even have! It is NOT a townhouse either. And her grammar on the RealEstate listing is shocking!

Anyway, we have our first ‘Open for Inspection’ this Saturday so wish us luck!

Edit: After an email complaint to the agent, they have published my blurb instead of the copywriter’s and they have also added the missing floorplan.




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2 thoughts on “Our home has been listed!


    (4 August 2011 - 23:39)

    You’re right. That’s just poorly-written nonsense. I can’t believe that they would publis… what… they’ve swapped it already?

    Yeah. *cough* I knew that.


      (5 August 2011 - 09:00)

      Smart arse…as always!

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