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After 6 weeks of self-isolating (I can work from home in my job), I have come to the realisation that I need to be a little more organised! I have an Outlook calendar for work, a Google calendar for personal, I use Evernote for personal notes, I use a small notebook for work plus Google Home to make my shopping list. And I use a CRM to track client appointments and emails. Confused? Me too! Time to simplify.

Enter the Bullet Journal, a system designed by Ryder Carroll to help him with his ADHD while trying to get through school/college. The actual system is free to learn online but you can buy his book for a more in-depth look into it. There is also an iPhone and Android app which is additional to the system and doesn’t replace the journal – a companion app so to speak.

The system itself is quite simple and easy to follow but some people come up with elaborate designs, colourful spreads and amazing sketches to decorate their journals. Just do a quick search on Pinterest to see some of the amazing art that people put into their journals – Pinterest BuJo – or do a search on YouTube to see how people set up their journals from scratch.

Mine is black & white with the occasional doodle. I’m not artistic enough to go all out and I don’t have the time to decorate but saying that, my May theme is Star Wars (of course). For me it’s about the practical approach and getting things done, not the creative side.

Let me know if you use a Bullet Journal or if you use another system to organise your life.

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