Not sure how many of you have noticed this, but if you have a WordPress based blog, you also have an automatic URL shortener – wp.me!

It is the only 2 lettered .me domain and can shorten your blog’s permalinks up to 75%!

Where can you find it? Right on your blog. When you are writing a blog post or editing it, have a look below your blog post title. You will see the permalink followed by two buttons. The first reads ‘Change Permalink’, the second ‘Get Shortlink’. That’s the one that you want. Press it and you will get something like this: http://wp.me/pEp98-F7 (which is the permalink to this post.)

If you want more info, read this post about it on the WordPress website: http://wp.me/sf2B5-shorten

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    (22 August 2010 - 14:49)

    Cuz, sometimes you’re so clever you could have been twins too!

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