Waeco fridge Anderson connection/extension

We’re heading off camping again soon and we will have an un-powered site. Having bought a 160W solar panel in December to charge Tallulah’s battery, we will be taking our trusty Waeco CF50 fridge with us on the trip. The issue (for now) is that the battery is inside the trailer and the Waeco power cable is really short. Also, the Waeco came with a cigarette lighter socket which tends to pop out all the time. The solution? A Waeco Anderson connection and a long extension cable.

After doing some research on the net, I popped down to my local JayCar and purchased the following:
6-8mm Cable Lugs Eyelet x 2
6mm Heat Shrink Tube Red
6mm Heat Shrink Tube Black
6mm Twin Core Cable Sheath Wire x 4m
50AMP Anderson Plug x1

This is just for the extension. I was going to cut the cigarette socket off my fridge and make my own Anderson power lead, but after some research on the subject, I decided against it due to possible warranty issues. I bought this online from eBay (it’s a genuine Waeco part).

Making the extension was fairly simple. Strip the sheath off both ends and strip about 2cm of insulation off both wires on both ends. Crimp the lugs onto both wires at one end and heat shrink into place. Crimp the Anderson terminals onto the two wires at the other end and insert into Anderson plug. Easy!

If you are unsure how to wire up an Anderson plug, watch this short video on YouTube. It’s very helpful.

Also, remember to wire up the polarity of the cable correctly – red for + and black for – ON BOTH ENDS.

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