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1.8kg snapper

Yesterday was our annual snapper outing to Port Phillip Bay.

Up at 2.30am, we were in St Kilda by 3.30am and out on the bay by 4.30am. On the first cast, one of the other fisherman hauled in a 5kg snapper. A great omen for the day’s fishing. But it was downhill from here!

The next fisherman pulled in another big fish, but just smaller than the first. A couple of smaller fish and then it went quiet.

Just as the sun started to poke it’s face above the water, a few more rods went off. Mine went off too!

It put up a good fight. The rod tip was bent right over and I thought to myself, “Here comes my personal best snapper!” But it wasn’t to be. When I finally got the fish to the boat, we saw that it was a white spotted stingray. How disappointing. It still had somebody elses hook in it’s mouth and it’s tail had been chopped off.

And that was my fishing done for the day. I never got another bite. My brother-in-law managed a 1.8kg snapper and my father-in-law managed 2 a little bigger. In total, a boat of 10 fisherman caught 14 snapper and 2 good flatheads.

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