Mt Lofty Park on the MTB

After lazing around at home for most of the morning, I thought I would do something productive before heading to work, so I pumped up the wheels on my mountain bike, loaded her into the back of the SUV and headed up to Mount Lofty for a quick ride!

The ride was shorter than expected – I headed up hill for most of the way and when I got to the top of Mount Lofty I found a sign at the look-out point. It was info on the local fauna and flora, a map and a notice which read “No motorcycles, no dog $#!t and NO BICYCLES”. Ooops!

So I headed straight back to the car, hoping not to bump into any rangers along the way.

Below is a short (and not very exciting) video from my helmet cam. The vid isn’t great – I think I need a new SD card because the current one can’t keep up with the speed of the video. Check out the little incident around 1:30 when I cross over the wooden bridge and round the corner! Hello little friend!

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