Census 2011

While London burns and the world markets crash, Australia is having political problems of its own. The PMs ratings are down thanks to her Carbon Tax and new refugee laws and Labour is way down on it’s latest poll. Not that it’s really a problem for me – I can’t vote anyway!

But more importantly, tonight is Census 2011 night! The forms were dropped off last week (well, most were) and will be collected over the next few weeks. And for the first time ever, you can complete your census online! Which is definitely the way I will be doing it! Instead of going over reams of paper and writing everything down, click the little tick boxes and copy and paste details – so much easier.

This census will also mark 100 years of census taking in Australia.

And don’t forget to complete your forms; the Census and Statistics Act 1905 provides for penalties of up to $110 a day for failure to complete and return a form.

If you want to see results from previous census taking, click here.

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    (11 August 2011 - 06:21)

    S.A. will also be holding a census this year. I bet our figures will beat yours.

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