What's on your iPhone homescreen?

Inspired by a post by jennydeluxe that I spotted on the nytimes bits blog twitter feed, I thought I would post my iPhone homescreen too. The background photo is of my kids in a laneway with some of Melbourne’s famous graffiti in the background.

My iPhone homescreen

My apps: Messages – SMS, Calendar – Syncs with Google and great for reminders, Notes – where I write short reminders (although I tend to use Evernote more now), Settings – Turn Bluetooth or WiFi on/off, Facebook – for keeping up to date with friends and family, Foursquare – so that I know where I am, Maps – for getting to someplace new, Weatherzone – so that I know the weather when I get there, Daytum – statistic logger, Twitter – for keeping up to date with the latest gossip/trends/friends, Clock – Keep track of timezones and setting my alarm clock, Calculator – for doing sums too big for doing in my head, Photos – where you look at all your photos or videos, iTunes – for downloading podcasts (I never buy music), App Store – downloading new apps or updating current apps, ICE Lite – In Case of Emergency contact details, Phone – what mobiles were originally made for, Internet – Folder containing email, web browser and Google Apps, iPod – For listening to podcasts and music on the go/while running/in the gym, Camera – Great little camera, but looking forward to getting the new iPhone with an improved lens

Feel free to post a link to your iPhone homescreen (if you have one!) in the comments below.

Other iPhone homescreens: MG Siegler, Dan Frommer, Jeff Hilimire, Flickr Group



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