Sunday afternoon DIY

Clearing the dead weeds

It looks like summer has finally arrived in Melbourne. Both Saturday and Sunday were hot and the temperature isn’t supposed to drop below 30C this week! With that in mind, I set out to build my new BBQ area behind our house.

The area used to be our vege patch, but as we now grow the tomatoes and beetroot in pots, the space had become overgrown with weeds. A few weeks ago, I had sprayed some “Round-up” on the area so my first job of the day was to clear all the dead vegeatation. I then levelled it out as much as possible before heading off to the local garden centre to pick up 1/2 a cubic metre of crushed rock to level the ground.

Once it was level, I did a little decorative paving around the edges and paved an area to put the BBQ on. The next step will be to top up the area with a decorative stone known as Lilydale Topping. (This is excavated from a local quarry not far from our home.) It is a reddish colour.

We will probably plant some plants and place some pots around to complete the decoration of the area.

Insects and other crawlies encountered: lots of redback spiders, one HUGE huntsman, 2 skinks, 1 small gecko and an underground nest of some sort (yet to be identified! European Wasp’s nest)

Below are some photos of the space.

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    (24 November 2010 - 20:27)

    Yikes, renovating is a hazardous occupation in Oz.

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