New Year's Resolutions

Well, we’re one month into 2010, so I thought I’d check to see how many people out there are still sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions (NYR)! If you feel guilty about not sticking to them, that’s OK, don’t post a comment.
My NYR? Well…

  • Get fit – in progress- I started running this week and rugby training starts tomorrow
  • Last a whole rugby season without getting injured – awaiting season start
  • Lose weight – in progress – lost 3.2kg since 4 January
  • Procrastinate less – in progress – I’m blogging less aren’t I?
  • Read more – in progress – on novel 3 for the year
  • Write more – in progress
  • Spend more time with friends and family – yes!
  • Clock up more airmiles – not yet
  • Take at least 1 photo per day all year – yes!

So you can see, I’m not doing too badly so far.

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