Back in town

We’ve been back from our camping trip for 5 days now. The weather has been fantastic and we have been keeping busy between visits to the ScienceWorks Museum, kid’s parties, an engagement party and Gastroenteritis!

First, some pics from our holiday, followed by some stats.

Number of nights camping: 11
Days of sunshine: 9
Average daily temperature: 25C
Millimeters of rain: about 25 and most of it on New Years Eve
Kilometres driven: 817
Geocaches found: 5
Fishing trips: 2
Fish caught: 2, a ‘blaas-oppie’ (toadfish) & a small bream that we had to throw back
Cycling expeditions: 2
Kilometres ridden: 40
Beers consumed: 48 (with help from my father-in-law)
Bottles of wine imbibed: 12, again with help
Games of poker won: Zero

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1 thought on “Back in town


    (14 January 2010 - 14:55)

    Sounds – and looks – fantastic. Can’t believe how quickly the kids are growing; it’s only a few months since we were there and already Isi, especially, looks so different!

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