The imaginary town

While ‘researching’ the weird Aussie place names, I also came across this interesting little snippet. Apparently, Google is now mapping imaginary towns along with the real places that we know!

Argleton. That’s the name of the non-existent place on Google’s map of Lancashire, NW England. It can be seen on the map here. And if you don’t believe me that it doesn’t exist, have a read of this blog. This intrepid blogger went off to see if they could find Argleton between Hogwarts and Narnia.

Note: Since this post was written, Google have corrected their error and removed Argleton.

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1 thought on “The imaginary town


    (7 November 2009 - 15:55)

    P’raps it’s their way of taking over the world but we just don’t know it yet..?

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