With the Spring weather over the past weekend, we decided to get out of the house and do something with the family. So, on Saturday morning, we loaded the bikes onto the car, loaded the kids into the car, packed some snacks and headed out to Noojee*. Why Noojee? Why not?

The drive took about an hour and a half with a stop for Deb to recover. Not from my bad driving! The windy mountain roads were making her a little car sick. We passed through the mountain villages of Gladysdale, Three Bridges, Gilderoy and Powelltown. When we arrived in Noojee, we realised that the trail to the famous trestle bridge was not going to be ride-able with a kid’s trailer in tow, so we drove to the trestle bridge instead and went for a walk. It was quite a peaceful outing as we were the only people to climb to the top of the bridge (via the stairs of course!). Most other visitors just hung around at the bottom.




After our walk, we headed into ‘town’ to grab a bite to eat. The kids had their own snacks with them, so they were sorted. We stopped at a road side cafe for the most expensive lunch I have had in a while – 2 plain white bread sandwiches with chicken and salad and chips and 3 drinks cost us $40! Somebody should tell them that they’re NOT in the Melbourne CBD!

After lunch we took the kids to the park for half an hour before driving up to Nayook and then back home again.

While out on the road, I also managed to find 3 geocaches to add to my list. And no, we never even got to use our bikes.

*Noojee – an Aboriginal word meaning “valley of or place of rest”

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2 thoughts on “Noojee


    (12 October 2009 - 23:08)

    I think you’re making these names up.


    (16 October 2009 - 10:36)

    I think not:
    Geelong – Land or Cliffs
    Canberra – Meeting place
    Woolloomooloo – Field of blood

    Maybe I should write a post about these…

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