Don’t you just love the way kids communicate? With adults, with each other and to themselves and their toys.

Josh talks loads. He’s 3 and his vocabulary is enormous but he’s still not great with the pronunciation. He has also started adding ‘unusual’ words to his vocab including ‘d1<k#ead’, ‘b1t<#’ and ‘s#1t’. But my favourites are definitely words containing the letters ‘s’, ‘v’ and ‘f’ ‘cos he can’t say them properly yet. Hence ‘poon’ means ‘spoon’, ‘pi da man’ is ‘spiderman’ and ‘berry’ is actually ‘very’. And I also enjoy taunting him with long words like ‘ridiculous’, ‘hippopotamus’ and ‘courageous’.

Isabel is a different story. At 16 months she doesn’t know as many words as Josh did at the same age, but her pronunciation is much better. Her favourite words are ‘no’, ‘car’, ‘more’ and ‘shoes’. As a matter of fact, she is obsessed with shoes. Mainly her pink gumboots! And when I taunt Josh with the bigger words, she attempts them too. She even says ‘ridiculous’ (albeit ‘dicdicless’). Other words that she entertains us with are:

  • ‘cereal’ pronounced ‘surreal’
  • ‘socks’
  • ‘dinner’
  • ‘thank you’ pronounced ‘tang-ooh’
  • ‘nice’ which comes out as ‘niiiiiiiice’

I wish they’d never grow up!

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