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So the Foxtel man came yesterday. An interesting character to say the least. He was Scottish, thick accent too. Now we all know what they say about the Scots being thrifty…

He first complained because he couldn’t get behind the TV cabinet – it’s a built-in cabinet. So Deb pulled the drawers out for him to see where we’d made nice holes for all the other cables (TV, PS2, Wii, DVD player, CD player, surround sound and an old video player).

Next he bitched about having to go outside, in the cold, onto the roof to install the satelite dish. Hang on, isn’t that your job? Then he complained that he had to keep going onto the roof and then back to the lounge to feed the cable through the wall cavity! Never mind that he left the door open (it was 14C yesterday) and trudged through the house with his muddy boots!

An now the classic bits: he complained because we had too many cables plugged into the TV and had to now use a more expensive cable to link the Digi-box to the TV instead using the (cheap/crap) audio-video cable. He also cut the antenna cable so short that I had to move the surround sound out of the way to make space for the digi-box. Talk about being tight!

Before he left, he asked Deb to be nice and give a good report to customer service when they called up to survey the installer! Ha!

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