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I’m a bit of an amateur photographer. I don’t ‘specialise’ in anything, I just like to experiment. I’m happy to try anything (photography-wise!). My favourites are panoramas, but just recently I have started to explore the world of Tilt-Shift photography. I don’t have the extremely expensive lense set-up that goes with it, but you can use special software to create the same effect.

There is also an online app available here.

To see some amazing tilt-shift stop-frame video, click here.

And then there are my lame attempts of course. But I’m still trying hard!


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1 thought on “Photo hobbyist


    (26 May 2009 - 17:16)

    I have to agree with Terri, the one with the cabs is awesome!

    Pretty cool for a self proclaimed amateur 🙂

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