Play school

Josh has been going to child care/play school for 3 weeks now. Every week has been a bit of a fight for Deb to get him through the front door. Today it was my turn…

He got into the car, no problem. He gave me directions to his school, no problem. We got out and went through the front door, still no problem. We entered the class room, getting shakey. But when it came time to place his backpack in his locker, negotiations broke down. And so did he!

Tears streaming down his face, I tried to negotiate some more – “I’ll pick you up later”.

“Not too later” was the reply.

“I’m going to be late for work”

“I’ll come to work with you.”

Eventually, my skills of persuasion completely left me and I handed him over to the teacher and slipped out the door.

Aaah, another satisfied customer…

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