TFI Friday

Yes, it’s that day of the week that we all love. ‘Cos Friday means weekend! And weekend means rugby! It also means more house-hunting, mountain-biking (if the weather improves) and most of all, sleeping late!

I noticed this week that Melbournites aren’t exactly fashion conscious. Now I’m no fashionista, but I can match a tie with my shirt and suit. This seems to be a major problem for most Melbourne men. And they can’t use the excuse that they dress in the dark, ‘cos it is light outside by 6am! The worst thing I’ve seen all week: Crocs with socks!! Let’s be serious!

Getting back to the rugby, Go the Boks! Can we beat the Pumas? Who knows, but I know I’ll be up by 4am on Monday morning to watch the game. Luckily my boss is a rugby fan, so he understands!

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1 thought on “TFI Friday

    The Divine Miss M

    (12 October 2007 - 08:57)

    They sound like Germans, Germans seem to like wearing sandals and socks 😉

    Yey for rugby!!

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