I spent today at a search engine optimisation (SEO) /search engine marketing (SEM) seminar. It was quite interesting and I managed to stay awake through it all. Just when I thought I knew about marketing online, along come the professionals and you learn some more!

The seminar was run by Reed Business and sponsored by people like Yahoo Search Marketing and Netregistry, our company’s site host. The useful stuff came mostly from the guest speakers who are in the online marketing business. They told us things about Google, Yahoo and MSN and how their spiders/bots work on the web, searching all the time.

I was so inspired that I came home and checked my Google rankings for various sites that I look after. It was quite fascinating to see what searches had taken people to my personal site! For example, a google search for ‘350d self portraits‘ took people to this picture. I also discovered that search terms like ‘del cheeta’ and ‘raven girls’ took people to my site. Go figure?

Anyway, I’m so inspired now that I might even start blogging about SEO! I’ll keep you posted.

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