A new beginning

It’s been almost a week since we arrived in Melbourne now. Most of our time has been taken up with red-tape stuff that everyone does when they first arrive in a new country: tax file number (so I can pay taxes and also get a job), MediCare (government healthcare), bank account, local driver’s licence, etc. I’ve also done a little job hunting, but nothing too intense yet. That will start in earnest this week.

For those of you who don’t yet know, Deb & I have another baby on the way, so we also made a couple of visits to the doctors this week. This visit included a scan to make sure that there was only one little person in there (which there is!). Below is a picture of this scan.

I also took a trip to my first ever AFL game at the MCG yesterday. Almost 66000 people joined me. For those of you who don’t know what Australian Football is, well, it’s like a cross between American Football, Gaelic Football and rugby, but with no rules! To familiarise yourself with the game, check out some YouTube footage. BTW Sim, I didn’t find any gristle but I’d still rather have a hot dog any day!!

That’s about it for now. Life’s not too exciting yet, but I will keep you all updated on Australian life’s little mysteries.

Chat soon,

PS: Did I mention too that Deb & I got engaged while we were at the Niagara Falls?

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3 thoughts on “A new beginning


    (25 July 2007 - 12:35)

    Oh My! Congratulations and Congratulations!!! Wow Cuz that’s such great news!
    Yay for you and Deb 🙂


    (27 July 2007 - 21:45)

    Oh Wow! A lot of congrats are in order. I’m so happy for you guys, Del. And I hope you settle in nicely in Melbourne!

    PS: I didn’t realise you and Terri were cuzins, otherwise I would have gotten more info out of her about you guys.

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