Farewell London

Last Saturday was my farewell party. We held it at The Elgin, the pub that I was the boss of until Friday.

The day started off great! My cuz had come over from Ireland (to make sure I actually was leaving) with her hubby and she dragged her sis down the pub with her. Some old friends from SA came down too. I hadn’t seen them in at least 2 years. Unfortunately, it was downhill from here.

First we lost the rugby! No comment. Then, as we started to braai (BBQ with wood/coal), it started to bucket down. I had a few beers, a couple of JDs and one or two sambucas and the next thing I knew, it’s 10.30pm and I’m being woken up by B on my lounge room floor! I then proceeded to drive the porcelain bus for 10 minutes before returning to the party, which had just started hotting up!

The musician was playing “Hier kom die Alibama” and people were dancing. I remember lots of photos being taken (if you have any, please email them to me) and then some good-byes.

We eventually hit the hay around 2am. I had drunk about 10litres of water by this time so felt great the next morning. I even volunteered to cook the fry-up!

Photos to follow…

Chat soon,

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1 thought on “Farewell London


    (29 June 2007 - 21:08)

    Daar kom die Alabama! LOL! I forgot about that ! I think I had your hangover..!

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