The week that was…

…last week.

Worked hard, played hard.

FA Cup final on Saturday was crazy busy. Say no more. Beat budget for the period which means bonus time = spending money for the States!

Thurday night we went out for dinner with our friend CF. We ate and drank too much in our favourite gastro pub, The Mitre.

Friday night we decided to bid farewell to the local Walkabout in Shepherd’s Bush (where Deb and I met 5 years ago). We dragged CF and Dazzler with us and played drinking games all night. We stumbled home at midnight, released the baby-sitter and then scoffed down 2 supersized pizzas and a large chips!

Saturday morning came too quickly and with it a very disappointing result in the rugby. After months of chasing the elusive Super 14 trophy, the Sharks served it up on a platter to the Bulls. (You’d think that they would be able to kick by now!)

Sunday we headed into the City, the financial centre of London. We did some geocaching, took some photos and then met Dazzler, who’d been at work(!), for a pub lunch. The weather was fantastic and by the time we got home at 7.30pm, we were absolutely knackered!

Just 4 weeks of work left and 5 weeks till we leave this country for good.

BTW, don’t forget our farewell party on Saturday 23rd June from 3pm (braai) till very late!

Chat soon,

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3 thoughts on “The week that was…


    (23 May 2007 - 13:58)

    Don’t even TALK about the Sharks game on Saturday. I have wiped it from my memory!
    I will be checking out flights by the way – we may just make your farewell party…


    (30 May 2007 - 07:39)

    Go Bulls!!!!!!!


    (30 May 2007 - 07:39)

    Go Bulls!!!!!!!

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