On the road again…

Yep, starting Saturday, I’m on holiday again!

I am going to Dublin for the day to catch up with my Cuz & her hubby and then we’re going to Lansdowne Road to watch the Boks kick some Irish butt in the rugby. (OK, so maybe the second bit is a little optimistic!)

After getting back to London at around 11pm on Saturday night, I will get a few hours sleep before the long-haul flight to Melbourne, Australia where I plan to spend 2 weeks doing nothing or as little as possible.

While in Melbourne, we have tickets to catch ‘Pearl Jam’ in concert. This will almost be better than watching the Boks annihilate Ireland as I have twice missed seeing them before – once in London and once in Verona!

The plan is to spend the rest of the 2 weeks at the beach, catching up with long-lost friends and trying some of the fantastic wines from the Yarra Valley.

I will let you all know how it pans out…

Chat soon,

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