Holiday Heaven

So I’m on holiday again! Only this time, I haven’t really gone travelling!

Monday I relaxed at home (ended up doing some work!!) all day. Went for a 30km bike ride in the morning to shake those cobwebs out of my joints (and try out my new toy)! It felt great. I’d been for a ride last Friday evening after work and ended up with cramps in both my calves!

Tuesday we drove up to Suffolk on England’s east coast to visit a friend of ours who runs a beautiful little hotel in a village over there. We relaxed and did nothing but eat great food and drink some delicious wines for 2 days! We drove back today (and spent an hour standing still on the motorway ‘cos some idiot managed to roll his/her car in the rain!) to rest at home tonight before driving down to Wiltshire tomorrow where we will spend the weekend with more friends.

I plan to take my mountain bike and toy with me and do some riding in Savernake Forest if the weather holds!

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