Foto Friday (on Sunday)

Hi all,

A little late this week, but I was waiting to download my photos from my digital camera.

The pic is ‘fresh’; it was taken on Friday night while out 10-pin bowling with friends. The ‘King’ won the first game and I won the second with a score of 118 (I think).

Chat soon,

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5 thoughts on “Foto Friday (on Sunday)


    (31 October 2006 - 08:34)

    Were you laughing when you took that shot?


    (31 October 2006 - 14:24)

    Cool pic. You get a similar effect when you take pics out of the plane window as you are coming in to land at night.

    Ben O.

    (31 October 2006 - 15:11)

    Had a few, there Del?

    Nice pic, I love the frenetic energy.

    Ben O.


    (1 November 2006 - 00:21)

    KN: No, actually I’d had a few drinks and the camera was on some auto setting and I had no idea what was going on.
    Dawn: Thanks. I’ll try that next week when I go visit my cuz in Dublin.
    Ben: Correct – see above comment to KN.


    (3 November 2006 - 11:41)

    Funky Photo Cuz! I like it. Very ‘flower power’ if u know what I mean 😉

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