Detox & falls

Today is day 3 of my detox – and it’s going pretty well! No junk food, no beer, no added sugar! I feel great except that I keep getting headaches ‘cos I’ve also given up caffeine! Anyway, I’m going to stick with it and see how we go. I’ll keep you up to date right here!

I also went for a bike ride yesterday. I felt like a kid again, racing through the forest on my mountain bike. We were the oldest kids about on bikes (it’s summer holidays over here), but the others were a lot more daring than us. They were launching themselves into orbit off the jumps that they had built. I, on the other hand, managed to fall after hitting a jump that was about 1 foot in height! Scraped my knee and tore my trouser leg! Even caught the fall on video (which I will post at a later date).

Boys will be boys…

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